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Stress with Dr Haidar Al-hakim

Imran talks to eye surgeon, author, and international speaker Dr. Haidar Al-hakim about the causes of stress, sadness, and depression and how he overcame his personal battles with them.

Caution: strong language

Episode 3

About my guest

Dr. Haidar Al-hakim is an international speaker, burnout coach, and ophthalmic surgeon. When he isn’t healing the physical eyes of his patients, he dons the moniker of The Third Eye Doctor, helping fellow physicians escape from burnout and rediscover the joy, promise, and rewards of life both inside and outside of the medical industry.

Though he practices in London, he currently lives in Essex with his wife and three children. When not busy helping patients and clients, he loves spending time with his family, sweating at the gym, and the freedom of his motorbike on the open road

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