The new era of individualised Genetic, DNA and Epigenetic health is here

The traditional view of genetics as an unalterable script is evolving. Enter the world of epigenetics, where genes are not just static players but dynamic entities responding to the orchestrations of our environment, lifestyle, and experiences.

The epigenetic tapestry

Imagine health as a finely woven tapestry intricately crafted by the interplay of genes and their epigenetic modifiers. From how we respond to stress to our susceptibility to diseases, every thread in this tapestry is woven with the delicate touch of epigenetic regulation. It’s a tapestry that promises personalised medicine and targeted interventions.

  • Discover and lower your biological age. Reverse the effects of cellular ageing on your mind and body.
  • See if you’re more at risk for certain illnesses and plan ways to minimise the impact.
  • Learn how your body responds to foods, and master vitamin and supplement combinations tailored to you.
  • Understand your genetic exercise recovery times and injury risk to crush your “personal best”!

Cracking the code: epigenomics unveiled

As technology advances, so does our ability to decode the epigenetic language. Epigenomics, the comprehensive study of epigenetic modifications across the entire genome, is empowering scientists to unravel the intricate patterns that govern health and disease. This wealth of information opens doors to precision medicine, where treatments are tailored not just to our genetic code but to the epigenetic nuances that make each individual unique.

Our tests can identify:

Health Risks

Caffeine Sensitivity

Genetic Bone Mineral Density

Genetic Obesity

Genetic Type 2 Diabetes

Genetic Hypertension

Genetic Infection (Cold/Flu)

Dietary Response

Likelihood to Snack

Fat Distribution

Yoyo Diet Response

Lactose Intolerance Risk


Saturated Fats

Unsaturated Fats


Sugar Response

Sweet Taste

Bitter Taste

Metabolic Rate

Physical Performance

Exercise Effect on Weight

Muscle Power

Muscle Stamina

Power to Weight

Anaerobic Threshold

Lean Body Mass

O2 Usage / VO2 Max


Muscle Mass


Micronutrient Impact

Vitamin A

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B12

Vitamin D









Supplement benefit





Genetic Beta


Key Insights


Gut Health


Eye Health

Heart Health

Mental Health

Injury Risk

Muscle Health

Skin Health

Sleep Stress

From inheritance to intervention

The implications of the epigenetic revolution extend far beyond our individual health. It challenges the notion that our genetic destiny is fixed, offering hope for future generations. By understanding and manipulating epigenetic marks, we may have the power to break the chains of inherited diseases, paving the way for a healthier legacy.

How it works

  • A DNA sample only takes a few seconds to complete. You simply provide a saliva sample.
  • If you can’t come to us, then we send out a home DNA test kit which you simply post to our lab.
  • If you would like to visit us, we have treatment centres across the UK and Ireland.
  • Genetic data in our database is anonymous and 256-Bit encrypted. It can only be opened by your unique ID number. Data is stored on secure Amazon servers and compliant with GDPR.

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Navigating the frontier

Join us on this exploration of the epigenetic frontier, where the convergence of biology, technology, and medicine is reshaping our understanding of health. As we stand on the brink of a new era, the question echoes: How will the revolution in epigenetics transform the landscape of healthcare, and what possibilities lie ahead for a healthier, more personalized future?

DNA test feedback and ongoing monitoring

  • Results are returned in 3-4 weeks. Epigenetics and advanced DNA analysis takes a while.
  • Our experts are on hand to tell you what the results mean in plain English and give you actionable recommendations to improve you health and performance.
  • We provide a one-to-one service and alert you about follow up assessments, treatment and lifestyle advice on a regular basis
  • Our ongoing research into sports and performance optimisation is translated into real plans. No pseudo-science, just fitter, stronger clients at the top of their game!
DNA test feedback and monitoring

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