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Working hard and success brings its rewards but can take a toll on your health and well-being. Often, high achievers do not intentionally disregard their health  – it just sort of happens.

“With our tailor-made executive health screening, nutrition and wellness programmes, we give you regular insights into your health to keep you focused and strong.”

Imran Khan, TransformNow Founder

Are you “fit to lead”?

Long hours may get the job done, but poor nutrition, insufficient sleep, stress, and a lack of exercise can put you at high risk of more serious conditions. Neglecting existing conditions because you don’t have time to monitor and manage them can significantly reduce performance and well-being in the longer term.

An executive health screen, often referred to as an executive health check-up or executive physical, is a comprehensive medical examination designed to assess and monitor the health and well-being of individuals in leadership or executive positions within organizations.

These screenings are typically more extensive than routine check-ups and are tailored to address the specific health concerns and demands associated with high-stress and demanding professional roles.

We work with elite professionals, and our 1-2-1 service is equivalent to programmes world-class athletes take part in to become champions.

We help you make informed decisions about your health

Our bespoke health screening programmes are designed to fit into your busy schedule. Some key features associated with an executive health screen include:

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Comprehensive Medical Examination:
The executive health screen usually includes a thorough physical examination by a healthcare professional. This may involve checking vital signs, assessing body mass index (BMI), and examining various organ systems.

Nutritional and Lifestyle Assessment:
Health professionals may assess dietary habits, exercise routines, and other lifestyle factors to provide recommendations for maintaining or improving health.

Cardiovascular Assessments:
Given the importance of cardiovascular health, executive health screens often include tests such as cholesterol level measurement, blood pressure monitoring, and electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) to assess heart function.

Blood Tests:
A range of blood tests may be conducted to evaluate overall health. This can include tests for blood glucose levels, liver and kidney function, and other indicators of metabolic health.

Immunizations and Preventive Measures:
Recommendations for vaccinations and other preventive measures may be included based on individual health history and risk factors.

Stress and Mental Health Assessment:
Given the demanding nature of executive roles, some executive health screens may include stress levels and mental well-being assessments. This could involve interviews, questionnaires, or other psychological assessments.

Consultations with Specialists:
Depending on the results of initial assessments, individuals may be referred to specialists for further evaluation or treatment.

Personalized Health Plans:
After the assessments, individuals typically receive a personalized health plan that may include recommendations for lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, and other strategies to improve or maintain health.

Cancer Screenings:
Depending on age, gender, and individual risk factors, cancer screenings may be included. This can involve tests such as mammograms, prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tests, or colonoscopies.

We also offer:

Full diagnostic screen: body scan, which includes the brain, heart, abdomen, spine, and prostate or ovaries.

Extremely advanced blood test

Nutritional analysis

Allergy tests

Executive DNA and epigenetic analysis

Epigenetic disease prevention test

Longevity and anti-ageing assessment and ongoing advice

All of our health programmes are supervised by GMC-approved doctors and specialists

Health screening to keep you at the top of your game

  • Our team of medical experts are on hand to tell you the outcomes of tests in plain English and give you actionable recommendations to improve your health and performance.
  • We provide a one-to-one service and can alert you about follow-up assessments, treatment and lifestyle advice on a regular basis.
  • Our ongoing research into performance optimisation is translated into real plans. No pseudo-science, just fitter, stronger clients in control of their health.
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