Understanding and improving South Asian health

South Asian populations who live in the UK and the West suffer an ethnic variation in disease. TransformNow help you identify specific asian health conditions so you can manage them better.

Health management for South Asian populations

What are the issues?

This may be something relatively simple such as lower levels of Vitamin D3, but unfortunately, the South Asian population is also statistically more likely to suffer from high cholesterol, lower levels of HDL, higher levels of lipoprotein A, higher blood pressure, a higher rate of diabetes and also a higher rate of kidney disease as well as cardiovascular disease.

Some of these conditions can be attributed to diet and lifestyle. However, South Asians also have a genetic disadvantage and are more likely to suffer these conditions simply because it is in their genes.

Lifestyle and preventative changes can be made to reduce the risk of disease. We have a specially designed wellness and cardiac tests for the South Asian population which can act as an indicator to implement changes in lifestyle and to take preventative measures to lead a healthy life.

Understanding your blood test results.

Our experts are on hand to tell you what the results mean in plain English and give you actionable recommendations to improve your health.

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